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Edge Monitoring Solution

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Smart Edge Monitoring Solution

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Asteria Box Front Checklist icon Asteria™ features a compact, low power consumption edge device. Checklist icon. The proprietary AI algorithms supercharge your NVR and camera network with advanced analytics that allows you to:

● run powerful perimeter intrusion detection

● enable face recognition

● detect fights, slips and falls, suspicious shopping behavior, and hazardous smoke and fire

● filter out up to 99% of non-actionable events

Checklist icon All video frames are fully analyzed on edge keeping your information private and secure. Checklist icon Actionable events will be shown for your review in your mobile and desktop applications. Our most requested analytics are: FAF: False alarm filtering. (Eliminates non-human and non-vehicle movement in the certified-compatible VMSes mentioned above. Used by numerous monitoring centers.) IDS: Intrusion Detection System, also known as "perimeter protection." (Real server-based AI detects humans and vehicles. Human detection even detects hands, feet, and people crawling, down to 10 PPF. Works well at night and is ideal for restricted areas too.) Gun detection. (Can detect handguns down to 30 PPF and rifles down to 20 PPF. Used at Chicago Cubs stadium to detect snipers from neighboring buildings. Used in drones and in citywide surveillance cameras by the City of Medellin in Colombia--the cocaine capital of the world--to clean up and improve the city's image.) Facial recognition. (Look at a camera to unlock a door or vehicle gate, use your face as an entry ticket with our mobile app, or send an alarm when a blacklisted face is detected.) Shoplifting behavior detection. (Used by retail to spot would-be shoplifters and follow them through the store to catch them if they leave without paying.) Fight detection. (Used primarily in schools and various sports arenas across the country. Includes knife detection. Fall detection. (Used at USC Verdugo Hills hospital in CA to assist patients with high fall risks.) Person of interest search. (Finding someone in a crowd--used at the Iowa State Fair and at Chicago Cubs stadium--or contact tracing for COVID). Slip and fall detection. (Used primarily in hospitals, hotels, sports venues, and industrial applications.) Smoke & fire detection. (Scylla just won a contract with PG&E in CA to help prevent wildfires from spreading. Also used in the Dakota Access oil pipeline and by other industrial customers.) PPE detection. (Used primarily by industrial customers to enforce the wearing of hard hats & safety vests.) Occupancy-counting. (To enforce a maximum number of people in an area, or for mustering to know how many people should be evacuated in case of an emergency. Heat-mapping. (Used by retail customers for more effective product placement. Used to direct COVID cleanup crews in areas where more people congregate.) Thermal temperature detection. (We recently received 510k medical device certification and are pursuing FDA approval. Used primarily by large venues. Was initially used by Daimler to screen employees for elevated temperatures, but their equipment has since been re-tasked to check very large lithium-ion batteries for spontaneous internal combustion.)

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