Noble PKI Token

Noblemetric PKI Token is an advanced secure microprocessor smart chip based USB token that integrates with powerful cryptographic technology designed for strong 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and x.509 PKI certificates used in digital communication and transaction.


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NobleToken Features:

Typical PKI problems can now be solved with NobleToken Ace:

• Difficulty on supporting multiple platform
The  NobleToken online installer can now cross-platform supporting Windows, Linux & Mac without breaking a sweat.

• Forgetting Token User PIN after long holiday which resulted a tedious unblocking process or even sending the physical token back to the provider
Noble Token User PIN Unblocking mechanism from NobleToken not only simplifies the PIN Unblocking process, but also allowing end users to perform such function remotely.
• Tedious Certificate Enrollment Process via Online Enrollment Portal
Certificate Enrollment via NobleToken eliminates the need of data entry from end user side with the end user only needs to verify necessary information before certificate enrollment take place.

• Annoying ActiveX/ Java Applet Components
Forget these web application components. The NobleToken can operate with full token and certificate functions without using any of these annoying components that requires client side installation and difficult to support.

• Technical Troubleshooting especially for non-IT background users
Diagnostic tool in the NobleToken is ready to provide revolutionary way of troubleshooting where most common problems can be resolved by the tool without even dialing the technical support number. In the event where further technical support is needed, this tool can produce a report which can be very useful for technical support to analyze the problem
• Tedious Certificate Renewal Process via Online Renewal Portal
Auto Renewal is supported by NobleToken with even the possibility of using pre-configured renewal policy. Fully automated renewal is also possible.